Saturday, 22 November 2014

This MUCH Ticked

I headed South down Hwy 6 this morning with full intentions of going to the Christmas Bazaar at my Auntie's Church in Port Elgin.  I got a call from the gal I was to meet up with in Hepworth telling me her driveway was a sheet of ice, and her vehicle was as well.  I decided to forge ahead until it started pouring buckets of rain ... the radio was saying "freezing rain", so I turned around in Hepworth and headed back home.

Before I got home I stopped at Foodland for a few things, mainly salad and salad dressing.  I was not happy with myself this past week as I slipped off by going over 3 days on my Calorie intake, resulting in gaining the four pounds I had previously lost.  I was this MUCH ticked about that first thing this morning.

I arrive happily back home to happy happy Aussies, and a very happy hubby, who I made lunch for. Rob mentioned to me that the Diatomaceous (Food Grade) that we consume daily had slipped from his hands this morning and was all over the place, however he had cleaned it all up.  No worries as he had done a great job with absolutely none noticeable anywhere in the kitchen.

The rest of the day was pretty much a lazy day with the rain making us feel so inclined to be lazy, as well as playing havoc on both mine and Rob's bones.  Rob decided to go to bed for a bit of a nap as he had a late night last night.

I decided I should vacuum up some of the Aussie hair, and picked up my rechargeable vac to do so ending up with one "HELLUVA" mess  more then the dog hair on my hands .

"Somebody had used my Rechargeable Vac to clean up the Diatomaceous, which is a fine powder, finer then flour.  As soon as I had picked up the Vac it all fell out all over.  I not only had a total mess to clean up, it sticking to everything, I had to pull my vac apart to wash it the best I could.

Yes over this too I had been this MUCH ticked !

This would be the snoozing culprit and his side kick here, GUILTY AS CHARGED.

Yes I  had made it quite known I had been this MUCH ticked, four times I was told.  I got over it and all is well now *smile*.

I have had Christmas Cards on my mind this past week.  I haven't decided if I want to send any this Year or not with the price increase of stamps.  However it is so nice to get a Card in the mail, is it not?  Who of you will be sending Christmas Cards or not this Year?

My culprit has gone to work, and his side kick is now sleeping at my feet.  I am hoping to get a couple more rows knitted on a scarf I have been working on for sometime now, then put up my feet to watch a little TV and relax before it is bedtime, as being this MUCH ticked can be very exhausting you know.

That's all she wrote,  Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Mastiffs Or Sumo Wrestlers?

Do you ever have those mornings when you think to yourself "I wish I could stay in bed all day", but a pain in your body has waken you and there is no getting back to sleep regardless of how much you try.  Yes that is how this day began for  me, but then it got better when I went outside to see ...

... a pillow of clouds over in the East that made me feel if I had been closer I could almost step on them.  How beautiful they were.

I don't recall getting too much done around here today other then the dishes done up, the bed made and lunch for Rob and I.  I must admit later this afternoon I downloaded the program for our Garmins so I could update them with the most recent maps.  Rob's had him driving through fields when he had been up in Barrie last week.  Hopefully the map updates have corrected this and there will be roads there now.

I did have to go downtown Wiarton this morning to do a couple of errands.  I also stopped by the Chamber Office when I ran into the Office Manager who had the day off and was meeting up with another person to give their Dogs a play date together.  

Maybe Mastiff dogs isn't the right way to describe these two with a combined weight of around 260 lbs.  Mini Sumo Wrestlers might be a better description.  Liz's guy is the fawn coloured and is 4 years old, the other one, black, is only a pup still at 1 years old.  They sure had fun together, and it had also been fun watching them play.

I arrived back home to find Rob repairing his tractor as a sheer bolt let go yesterday, and there was still lots of snow he wanted to get moved around. 

Tomorrow it is to rain.  I am absolutely dreading the sloppy mess we are going to have with rain in the forecast the next will.  From one extreme to the next, but why complain if you have seen what Buffalo has had the past few days !!!

Also tomorrow there is the annual Christmas Bazaar at my Auntie's Presbyterian Church in Port Elgin from 10 am til 2 pm.   Two years ago my Niece Joanne and I went out for a day of Bazaars that you can check out HERE.  Always a nice Tea Table, by donation, at many of the Bazaars.

Rob is looking after a Christmas Party this evening which had been booked.  With not being certain what time he would be available for Dinner, we opted for a night out downtown at the Green Door Cafe.

Rob had Cabbage Rolls while I had my Fall Favourite being the Butternut Squash Lasagna, which is also Gluten Free since they use Rice Noodles.  Very very very good !

Rob dropped me off at home and headed back out on some more calls.

I must also mention today I received a beautiful card from Tignish, PE from a Facebook friend who sent me her sympathies.  Receiving her card truly made my day ... Thanks Anna, you are a wonderful person and a great friend to have xo .

A little bit of kindness goes a long way to make someone's day, does it not?  I hope there are many days that I am able to make someone else's day.

I am tired, what else is new, so think I will take the Portia girl out before calling it a night myself, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

A Bit

Today I actually got a bit in the house accomplished.  Notice I said, "a bit", as in not much, not a whole lot, but truly "a bit".  A bit is always much better then nothing is it not?  I am hoping so as "a bit" is all I got done.

Did I leave my property today? NOPE, and you know what?  I had been quite happy about that.

I did make a couple of phone calls with more planning of the upcoming Wiarton Santa Claus Parade ... it really isn't too far off now.  I also got a notice from Mom's residence, Gateway Haven, that there is a Christmas get together for residence and their family members on the evening of December 3rd.  My oldest sister, Jeanne, and my niece Joanne, will be going along with me that evening (weather permitting of course is always how you accept such an invited in Bruce County).

Now for an itty bitty little rant I have been stewing over "a bit" today

Facebook is a great social media portal for people to meet, come together with friends & family, and to share.  My blog is shared there daily, as well as on my Twitter account.  I had just recently noticed that an acquaintence had un-friended me.  I sent this same person a text message to ask if they had deleted their facebook account.  No they had not, however what they had done was un-friend me from their Facebook as they hadn't liked that I had blogged about having a trapper on our property, and my posting photos of the animal(s) he had trapped.  

Well my opinion on this is that trapping of some animals is part of Life, also a livelihood for some, and this is what is done sometimes.  

Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions, but what is not right is people wanting you to respect theirs, however not giving the same respect back.  I am of the opinion if that is not the case then "don't let the door hit your arce on the way out".

Facebook? there are things that I don't always like what I see there either, however what I do try to do is "take what I like and leave the rest".  But to unfriend every person who posts something I might "not" like or "not" agree with? that is just downright childish, in MY OPINION, which does not have to be someone else's opinion by the way.

When I did not respond to my niece's "good morning" text this morning, and responded with I am tired and already sick of Winter, she in turn "nailed" it by sending me this ....

Ha ! that pretty much sums up a few things at times does it not?  In my opinion, I think so.

On to more lighter brighter happier feelings ... 

... really now who doesn't love Neil Young, and who else would mind seeing a Roasted Chicken Dinner posted on my Facebook Page? don't think anyone who knows my Heart of Gold would mind either.

Oh yes, the Chicken Dinner ...

Good family/friends, good food and Life are things this girl LOVES, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Branding, Product Development & Marketing

I am not a huge fan of Old Man Winter unless the snow he dumps is on either side of roads that remain bare and dry.

We were hit two days in a row with yet another Winter Blast !!!

My friend Koreen and I just returned home from a Seminar with Roger Brooks speaking.  If you have not ever heard Roger Brooks speak, and you are a Business Owner I would highly recommend you do should he ever be in your area.

Roger Brooks is "electric" in his speaking about branding, product development & marketing.  Should you be interested please take a moment to check out his website by *clicking* HERE.

As I said I just arrived back home, and getting here was very tense as we drove up Hwy 6 at 30 km with 4 way flashers on.  Finally coming into Wiarton it cleared but the roads are very slippery, very far from bare and dry.

Just to give you a little idea of how it has been around here this is how Rob's day began ...

On that note I shall be calling it a day, as it is way too late for me to be still up, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Moving Forward

Honest to goodness I am certain I was sleeping by 8:30 last night, but kept getting woke up by "someone" talking to me, then the phone ringing at 9 pm.  After that got all out of the way I was "done like dinner", as in totally "zonked".  God knows I need to sleep, and actually feel the same way today, so hopefully I can do the same again tonight.  

I had quite the surprising call from a Yellow Pages Manager today.  He was appalled when I had explained to him how I had been treated by not one, but two, Yellow Page's Customer Service Reps.  Then to find out even our contact person had been telling me the "wrong" thing the past two years as well.  It even went back to the very beginning when they had first contacted Rob to sign on with Yellow Pages, who in turn told them he had to talk it over with his wife first.  Months later we had gotten a bill from them finding out they had signed us up .... contacting them, and finally being put through to a "higher" up to be told it was too bad I was upset since my husband hadn't included me in the "loop", had really sent me into a tail spin, but apparently we could not get out of the so called "agreed contract" at that point.  Pretty *sad* when my husband had not agreed to one in the first place, wasn't it?

After I had explained everything, all rather quite commonly and nicely, he called me back to tell me what I had been sold that I never agreed to in the first place was going to be cancelled, also he has guaranteed me that our monthly advertising "bundle" would not be subject to an increase come our July 2015 renewal.  I have had this all sent to me confirmed by email.  

I am very happy to have found out Yellow Pages has put a new "Client Experience Dept." into place, as well as to have learned there is a new Company "CEO" who is placing much on the Customer, not on just getting the sale through the monopoly of a product being sold.  I am confident that the Manager who contacted me today was genuinely sincere to how I have been treated by Customer Service Reps, and management employed by the Yellow Pages, and we both agreed we would be moving forward together.

I  must also note that Yellow Pages began a pilot within the GTA last November 2013, called "Shop Your Neighbourhood", which supports shopping Small Businesses in YOUR Neighbourhood.  A very exciting program for the Small Business Owners.  They have extended this program to other Communities in Ontario this Year, which I am proud to say fellow Chamber Director, Koreen Ryan, who is also Small Business Owner of RAM Trophies & Sportswear, initiated the involvement of Wiarton taking part this Year.  Very exciting indeed, with it all taking place on the 29th of November, 2014.  

Check out the YP's "Shop The Neighbourhood", whether you are a Small Business Owner, or Shopper, by *clicking* HERE.

The weather in Bruce County today has been absolutely dreadful, with white out conditions on and off all day, and still now, that you couldn't even see your hand in front of your face barely at times.  Highway 21 has been closed from Southampton to Kincardine due to weather conditions.  Not at all pleasant, especially when one considers it is only the 18th of November, 2014.

Some of us enjoy this kind of Weather while ....

... others not so much at all.   Rob actually tried to take a run on getting out of the lane way mid-afternoon ending up "stuck", then having to get the tractor out.  Thank Goodness we had the tire fixed a week ago today !!!  Poor Rob had to go get his straps to secure the Gazebo better, then go out on a call just to get stuck in the lane way.  I helped him get out as much as I could, but really I am not much help when it comes to steering and getting pulled out at the same time.

I had one of my Blog readers contact me about a very big need today (thank you Marie).

This need involves a seven year old Beagle Cross who has been seeking a new FOREVER HOME for over 500 days now.  I would ask that anyone and everyone who reads my blog if they could HELP ME HELP LUCY get a NEW FOREVER HOME by Christmas !!!

Should you be a Blogger, please share on your Blog, should you have a Facebook Account, please share on your Timeline, or any group you might be part of.  Lots of information provided on Lucy thanks to Jean of My Life With the Critters, and to Lucy's Facebook Page.

Please access these sources to help you share Lucy's cause, as follows:

For Jean's Blog, please *click* HERE.

And for ....

Lucy's Facebook Page, please *click* HERE.

I was to go to Port Elgin this evening for Dinner and hear a Speaker this evening.  That, as well as many other events in Bruce County, were cancelled.  I am sure it will be put back, and I will still be attending at some point.

Despite the sleep I did manage to catch last night my whole body has been aching from head to toe today, like the flu, but more like internal bruising.  I am hoping I am afforded another good night's sleep this evening, and really hoping I can stay awake to watch The "Voice at 8 pm, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday, 17 November 2014

It Never Works When ...

... both people are tired to the bone.  Rob was beyond tired today as he had a call up to be in Barrie last night at midnight, never arriving back home until 3 am.

Me?  I am worn out, but probably not quite as tired as he.

Unfortunately it never works when each other are so tired to discuss or plan or accomplish anything the next day.  I sometimes am smart enough to "close my mouth" and TRY (heavy on the try) not to say anything the whole day through.  For me this is not an easy task, but for the most part sometimes I think I do pretty good considering I am tired myself.

Today Rob still had to get up and go to work.

I had a meeting this morning at 11 am, not arriving back home until 1 pm.  Then this afternoon I walked to a neighbours who was wanting to donate a Christmas Tree to the Chamber Offices.  It turns out it would fill the whole downtown street almost it is soooo huge, but beautiful ... on to Plan B I suppose.

This afternoon I had the most two unpleasant phone calls with the Yellow Pages Group, who we advertise the Crabby Cabbie with.  I spoke with 2 different Customer Service Reps, and at near the end of the conversation with the 2nd one I totally lost my cool and swore at him !!!  *blush* .. honest to God they had my blood boiling.  The audacity when you are trying to explain what happened in a conversation when you renewed your contact to have them tell you how wrong you are and that what you were telling them never happened.  You damn tooting it hadn't happened as it was something I had never said ... finally the 2nd guy admitted it, but still said I was wrong.

Here we go with another  Class Action Proof  that Yellow Pages has the monopoly in its area, whereas Bell used to have the same until Rogers, Shaw and a few others came into play (thank goodness).   I finally spoke to the rep who renewed us back in the Summer time, 4th call about this matter..  She apologized, admitted we never had the conversation that the other two insisted I had, also saying she will note how these two treated me.  Really Yellow Pages you need to practice Customer Service Skills at all levels.

Really do these people not think we have nothing better to do with our time then be on the phone with them, especially when I was on hold waiting to get through to them in the first place for 20 minutes.

I spoke to another friend/business associate about this happening to me today.  They had Yellow Pages tell them to get back with their advertising plan on a specific date, and when doing so had gone ahead with what had previously been done saying they didn't get back to them in time !!!  Geesh they are arrogant !!!  Yellow Pages that is.

I sure hope someday someone will give them a run for their money and take the wind out from their sails !  Rob seriously does not want to renew with them next year, and believe me they are not cheap to advertise with.  There rant done, with hopefully my blood cooling down soon.

The day flew by with realizing Dinner time was upon us.  Rob requested Pork & Beans with leftover Cottage Roll, how easy was that !

I am not terribly happy with the Weather forecast tomorrow, thinking I would love to hibernate the whole of the upcoming Winter.  Check out how nasty it is to get here tomorrow by going HERE.  10 to 15 cm is not my idea of a nice day !!!!

Mistakes, grammar .. so *sad* too *bad* I am tired, and that I understand.

I think it will be a good plan for me to try and relax the rest of the evening while watching The "Voice", Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Grandma's Brooches

The past week finally took its toll on me yesterday, with a body that was beyond exhausted physically and mentally.  Last night I can actually say I slept like a "rock", and believe, you, me, it felt damn, damn, triple damn good.  

Today Rob was going to change up the fridges as he had our neighbour, Doug, coming to help him move the one we had purchased a couple of weeks ago up from the basement, and our old one downstairs, then the really really old one outside.

Hydro One has had a program of picking up and disposing of your old appliances for FREE for the past number of years.  This program is going to be ending on the 31st of December 2014.  Should you have any old appliances to be removed, now would be the time to book it with Hydro One to be done.  For more on this, please do so by *clicking* HERE.

I have a busy week ahead of me (no surprise for some who know me, right?), so I thought I best be getting up to see my Mother today.  Rob seemed to think he didn't need me to change everything over from the old fridge to the newer one, so off I went.

My Mother loves brooches.  My Auntie Gladys had given me some brooches the other day which had been my Grandmothers.  I kept the one to the right out for myself ... it is beautiful, and reminds me of my Grandmother's beautiful spirit.  Grandma Masterson had always been so kind, good and loving to me, and every memory I have of her I hold close to my Heart.  One particular memory of her tucking me in for the night on the cot in her home... so many years ago.

Holy Snow Batman !  we had such a big snowfall last night and this morning.  It was up to my boot tops when taking Portia out this morning.  The first snowfall is always so clean and pretty, is it not?

I had a really good visit with my Mom.  She had been very happy to get the brooches, thank you for your thoughtfulness Auntie Gladys !  Ha, I took a selfie of Mom and I.  When I showed it to her she had said, "what an awful picture".  She makes me laugh.  I have to try to put a Friday afternoon aside for her so I can go up and play Bingo with her.  That should be a fun afternoon for us together, especially since I am not the greatest Bingo player in the World.

After I left Mom I ran into my Cousin Suzanne.  We met up at Timmies for a coffee and it of a visit together, which really was a nice change up for me.  After that little visit I headed on back home to the reality of cleaning the old fridge, and throwing out some long overdue foods  that Rob had put back in the newer fridge.  Bless his Soul, that had been one big job ... thanks Honey I do so appreciate you.  And he responds with, "and so you should".

Yes I had lots of help in the kitchen with Portia by my side almost the whole time.  I also managed to get a box of "stuff" ready to go to the Sally Ann Store.  

Not only did I put a box of unwanted items together I had also threw a bunch of old papers to the side to burn in the wood stove.  Finally a bit of clutter rid of ... and trust me there is a lot more that will be following as soon as I find the time.  I think I will claim the Year of 2015 as the Year to totally Declutter !!!

I had a pair of Avia running shoes I had purchased back in June.  I had hardly wore them barely 3 months when the stitching had began coming apart on them.  Brooks is the company who made the shoes, who I contacted, and they replaced.  I just got the new pair the other day.  When I went to put them away today in my bedroom I realized ...

... the shoes I had bought "on sale" a couple of months ago when down in the City visiting with my Son, Paul, that they were identical to the ones I had just ordered from Brooks and received.  Well I suppose my tastes haven't changed at all in the past  couple of months since I picked out the "exact" same shoes unbeknownst to myself.  And then I had been pleasantly surprised that I had also bought myself new socks ... YAY me !!!

Rob got a call to go to Owen Sound about 10 minutes to 5:00 pm.  I decided to go along for the ride.  When we came back we had a quick Dinner of Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwiches.  Leftover ham is so good for sandwiches, soups and or casseroles.

Here is is almost 8 pm with me feeling a bit more then weary.  This is a good sign to soon say good-night, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.
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