Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Christmas Bazaars Have Begun !

My dear husband, otherwise known as Rob and a few other choice names at times, had me running errands for him at 7:30 am.  It is love that I go the extra miles for him, right?  I thought so.

After returning home around 10 am, I still had a whole house screaming out my name to clean it, but alas once again my plans have been put on the back burner while I go forward with other more pressing matters like first calling Bell Canada to ensure the service man was going to show up by 12 Noon as promised.

The Bell Service man did not show up until long after I had left, but fortunately Rob had been home to have him hook-up a new Router to provide us with faster Internet upload and download speeds.  Hooray !!!  even though there was an extra cost of $5.00 attached to it.

I had been gone by 12:30 pm to collect my neighbour and wait at the downtown Tim Hortons for my Auntie Gladys to arrive as we were headed out to the Christmas Bazaar at Gateway Haven Nursing Home, where my Mother resides.

Once we arrived I left the other two to go up to bring Mother down from her room.  By the time we had came down to where the Bazaar was going on my Sister Jeanne had also arrived.

When I had been upstairs looking around Aunt Gladys & Pari had made their way around the Bazaar.  Aunt Gladys had gotten a nice little Cheese Cake perfect size for her and Uncle Basil.  Jeanne and I then went to have a look about.  She had bought an Apple Pie and I a Blueberry.  You have to get there early to have first pick from the Baked Goods table.  There had been some other nice homemade items, however nothing I needed, although I did love the unique carved bird house in the face of a man.  The "old fashioned" tea towels had also been very lovely.

I had ran into old friends of my Mom & Dads, who were actually going to surprise her by stopping in for a visit.  She had not seen them for at least 5 or so years.  It had been very nice to see Ralph and Eva, as when growing up we had been at their place all the time it had seemed.  I still see their children from time to time in my travels.

We all had a nice visit together over a few goodies and a cup of tea.  I even had offers a couple of times to have my Blueberry Pie looked after.  What a great price of $8.00 for a Homemade Blueberry Pie.

I was very very *sad* today as my favourite wood stove kettle had heated its last pot on top of the wood stove.

My poor Swan Kettle was found this day with a broken neck.  I was heartbroken.  I posted on my Facebook status that she was broken, and Toni with an "i" found me one on Ebay, where I placed a bid on it.  It looks brand new this RARE 1991 "Kamenstein" Swan Kettle, that you may view by going HERE.  I am hoping my lowly bid will be accepted as the shipping is $28 + alone.  

Should anyone local have a unique kettle that would suit on top our new wood stove that they no longer have any use for I surely would give it a good home.  Just let me know if you do.  Thanks in advance.

I am exhausted.  When out in the weather today it had been very cold and windy, however a day regardless the cold I would not want to have missed out on.

I am having a pair of shoes replaced by Brooks who make Avia, however I am very tired right now with our young pup, Portia, needing my attention, so that story will have to wait another day.  In the meantime I am signing off for now, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Beaver Tails !

I heard Rob get up from bed and head into the washroom and back.  I was not long after him.  It had been 3 am.  Portia decided she needed out also, so back up I got and outside we went.  I was thankful it had not been pouring rain as it had been when we went back out at 7 am.  Buckets of rain that is !

I had so many plans to wash floors and clean with so much that needs doing, however my husband had other plans for me this morning.  I, once again, was his runner.  Run to town for this, and for that, consuming the whole morning.  

How could I deny being his runner when he had been so busy taking our little wood stove out and replacing it with the down draft wood stove.  He had it up and running by lunch time.  Thank goodness as the rain has not let up all day long causing the dampness to seep into the walls of our house.

I served lunch up for us, then Rob got called out.  I had started doing a bit of tidying up, but not much by any means, when I heard someone pull in.  It had been the trapper we had come around for our Beaver problem.  I could not bring myself to say "little" beaver problem, as truly for the amount of damage they can do it had turned into quite a "large" beaver problem by the first of Summer this Year.

The trapper was coming by to check if there had been anything other then the first one he had gotten in our drainage ditches.  He had just been over the way at a neighbour's property where he had finally gotten one which had been quite crafty for the past while until this day.

I had never seen a Beaver up close and personal before, so this had been somewhat of an "awe" factor for me today.  This one was apparently a medium sized Beaver.  Not too attractive are they? somewhat like an over grown Mole in my eyes, except for that leather thick tail and razor sharp teeth.

I never knew until today that Beaver teeth never stopped growing.  This I wondered as you would think with the amount of and what they chewed down, they would not have any teeth for long.  You can learn more about Beaver Biology by *clicking* HERE.

I surely did not accomplish anything I had set out to do this day.  Once again I had to fall back on the good old standby of "eggs" for our Dinner choice.

I had also been happy to realized I had some leftover potatoes at hand in the fridge to fry up as well to go along with the Cheese Omellet I had thrown together.

Dinner had hit the spot with both Rob and I leaving the Dinner table satisfied and full.

You will be hearing more then once I am sure how much I am missing my laptop.  It went through my mind to call a guy up in Ferndale who does repairs, and who I had been referred to, however I got sidetracked too many times to get a call into him.  Maybe tomorrow, the next day, or the day after that I will get a call into him.

Tonight The "Voice" comes on at 8 pm.  The table was cleared and dishes done long ago now, so I will just make a trip out with Portia and settle myself in with a bit of TV watching, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Overworked !

This girl was up at 4 am letting little, who really is not so little anymore, Portia out.  Then I got to lay there until 7:30 until everyone else required my undivided attention.  7:30 am and still in bed? that is unheard of in the best of circumstances in this house !!!

My day really didn't get off to the best of starts once I had got up and going, as my Laptop died on me with the screen remaining BLACK when I booted it up.  I think I already know the answer to its problem, and that would be cause I might have OVERWORKED it the past two years since I bought it.  Regardless of what I have done to it I need my laptop, or any laptop for that matter, as my PC is not ergonomic friendly as my laptop was.

At least I still have the PC, but my body will not be able to tolerate it for long, especially when it comes time each day end when I sit down to blog.  Not good whatsoever !

Speaking of Portia, she apparently thinks she rules the roost over Bandit ...

... this is the "not so little" girl helping herself to not only Bandit's bed, but his chair too !

This morning while Rob was gone South over to my friend's place, I had to head up and over on the Peninsula a little bit.  I could not been more pleased then to do so, however had wished there had been more time to stop to take LOTS of photos along the way, but still ...

... the drive had been splendorous and I still managed to stop to take these two breathtaking photos of what I had been witness to this gorgeous morning, or whole day for that matter.  It had been nice to have a cool crisp, but Sunny day without rain to take in the beauty which surrounds us at this time of Year.

Rob had been gone over to my friend, Diane's to pickup a down draft Wood Stove from them, as they were upgrading.  This stove hold much more wood then our little stove, so we are pretty certain it will burn all through the night with us getting up to a cozy warm house in the mornings in the depth of the Winter.  Rob also had been busy today changing a tire that had gone on the RV ... I would say that tire had seen its day, wouldn't you?

My brother puts out apples to entice the Deer to his property prior to Deer Season, so today he had dropped over with his grandson, Riley, and their dog, Gator to collect apples from our Apple Tree.

Bandit, Riley and Gator all enjoyed the visit we had with each other.

This afternoon I had to go downtown to do a couple of errands, then later picked up my friend, Pari, to go over to Owen Sound for a bit too.  Rob had our Dinner started with browning the hamburger by the time I had arrived back home.

Dinner had been Homemade Hamburger Helper along with Creamy Coleslaw.  It was very good.

What else did I manage to get done? our bedding stripped, laundered and hung out on the line.

I don't know why, but sometime I get the feeling I am being watched when out and about our property ... hmmm.

I suppose I best be signing off as our bed still remains to be made up and the Dinner dishes are waiting beside the Kitchen sink, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Feeling Quite Melancholy

This morning we readied ourselves, Rob and I, to head down to the Southampton Cemetery to pay our respects to my Aunt Pearlina at a Graveside Service, as per her request.  

When I had left the house, taking two separate vehicles as Rob had to leave afterwards to work, it had been pouring buckets of rain, however by the time we had arrived in Southampton it had been barely a drizzle.

The Service had been at 11:00 a with a fair amount of Family and Friends present.  I had also stopped by my Father's grave which was immediately before where Aunt Pearlina was laid to rest.   The Service was lovely, and exactly as she would have wanted it.  As I stood listening to the Minister's words I looked around at the beauty of the Southampton Cemetery with its aging Maple Trees, while feeling quite melancholy and admiring the beauty surrounding us all.  It was quite Peaceful, bringing back the memory of my Father telling me there would never be anyone in the Cemetery to hurt me.  I took comfort in his words many times over the passing Years.

Watching my oldest Sister, Jeanne, take my brother Allan's arm to leave the Cemetery ahead of me made me somehow for some reason feel at Peace inside.  Why I do not understand ... maybe it was witnessing the love between two siblings in at "moment" of togetherness.  Again making me feel quite melancholy.

Family and friends had been invited back to Aunt Pearlina's Church, The Anglican Church, where the ladies of the Church had prepared a luncheon for everyone to congregate after the service.

My Auntie Gladys in one photo, who I know will miss my Aunt Pearlina, having visited her almost every week at least once.  Myself in another photo listening intently to a gentleman speak to me, and then my Sister inquiring what her husband  would like in the way of some lunch.

I am fortunate to have be related through Aunt Pearlina, and her late husband, Uncle Ron, through both sides of my family, both on my Mother's and my Father's side.  How is this? well Aunt Pearlina's sister, Lil, married my Mom's brother, my Uncle Allan, and my Aunt Pearlina had been married to my Uncle Ron, who was my Father's brother.  

My first Cousins on my Mother's side, who were also Aunt Pearlina's nieces and nephew, had came today to the funeral.  We had not seen each other since their Father had passed way about 19 years ago now (the number of years could very well be incorrect as my memory of the year does not serve me as much as the memory of the event itself).

Here I am with my first Cousins, Vicki, Kim, their sister-in-law, and Mike, then with just Vicki and myself.  It was great to see them all, and from time to time Vicki and I get a chance to chat on Facebook together through Messenger. 

Hopefully I see them again before it be a funeral we attend either for our Aunt Gladys Wismer (on my Mom's side), or my Mother.  Maybe they will come up to Southampton next Summer and we can get together with our other Cousin who lives there.

Since my Auntie Gerry and Uncle Reg were up from Scarborough, and staying with Auntie Gladys and Uncle Basil (Aunt Gerry & Aunt Gladys are sisters of my Father), I had thought I should get their photo all together as I usually do when I see them together.

Uncle Reg thought he would "ham" it up in the first photo, then continued into the second photo, but finally the third photo we had him straightened around, either that or Aunt Gerry had gave him a good elbowing !  I noticed once I had posted these photos that my Aunts had dress similarly .  I wonder if that is just the "bond" of knowing between sisters?  

I do love my Aunts, and very happy Aunt Gladys is close by always for me should I ever need her.  I will also be missing my Aunt Pearlina very much, knowing she will be on my mind often.

After we all parted to go our separate ways, I stayed in my hometown of Southampton, as I had wanted to go see a friend at her place of business downtown, go to the hardware store to make a purchase of a new kettle, and wait for our Crabby Cabbie driver to show up as I had a pay cheque to pass on to him before I left town for home.

I made my way down High Street, which is the main street in Southampton, to the Cenotaph which looks out over the beach to Lake Huron.  Out from the shore in the distance lies Chantry Island which has always been a picture across the waters.  I do so love my Hometown, feeling melancholy every time I visit there.

I made it back home before 4 pm after I had accomplished everything I had set out to do plus a little more.

Rob and I were both a little weary, and I really had not felt like cooking with nothing in mind to really have, so after we picked up our neighbour, Pari, from work the three of us headed down to the Green Door Cafe to have Dinner together.

Rob had the 2 piece Haddock Dinner, Pari had the Lamb Burger, and I had the "special" Spinach Pasta with a Caesar Salad.  It was all the usual Green Door excellence, and each dinner was only $8.99 each.

We arrived home to the first time the Sun made its appearance all day, ending the day as it was.

Rob is gone to work, Portia is being a puppy, and Bandit always my protector, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday, 17 October 2014

A Long Day

I did not get much sleep whatsoever last night.  Portia had me up at 11:30, then again at 2:00 am.  I must have work up about 4 am finally getting out of bed at 6:50 am.

It has been a long long day, or it sure has seemed like it !  I am so tired.  I can't wait til Rob gets home so I can make him something to eat, hop into a shower and hit the sack.  All in that order too.

A friend of ours dropped off some Yarn today that she was not going to use.  I was going to give it to my Sister, Donna, who makes things for her daughter's Church who in turn sends them over to Africa, however I think I might take it to another friend who offered to show me how to crochet slippers.  I could make some and donate them to the Church Bazaars maybe.  Now I just have to find some time to learn how to crochet slippers !!!

Thank you Diane, you are such a wonderful giving person !!!  Hugsssss.

I appreciate another's kindness and always feel good if Rob and I can ever "pay it forward" to someone else.  It just happened that today we were able to "pay it forward".

A friend of Rob's has been getting Chemo treatments and just got home today from a treatment.  Rob was talking to him and found out his recliner had broke and fallen apart.  I took it upon myself to look on Kijiji for another one for him this afternoon.  BINGO !  I not only found one for him that was in "brand new" condition, according to Rob, the cost of it was only $10.00 !!!!

It had even been better then that, if you could imagine?  the recliner was located in Southampton, so Rob is going to pick it up after work today and deliver it to his friend who lives only 5 miles away in Port Elgin.  I wish I was there so I could see the look on his face.  He will be so happy, I just know it.

Rob's friend is a big guy too, so this recliner/rocker will hopefully suit him just fine.

I also spent a bit of time today going back a Year ago this month to read some of my Blog Posts.  One in particular made me *smile* should you *click* HERE.

Between being in and out with Portia today, and the rain showers, I did stop to admire the beautiful colours of the Maple Trees within our circular drive.  I do LOVE Fall and wish they stayed like this all Year round. 

What is your favourite Season?

Tomorrow morning at 11 am will find Rob and I, along with other Family Members, saying our final good-byes at the Graveside Service for my dear Aunt Pearlina at the Southampton Cemetery.  We will congregate afterwards at the Anglican Church.

Today has been a long day, but still one that I was thankful for, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

A Big Surprise !

It is that time of Year when you see many preparing and/or gathering whether it be squirrels, chipmunks, birds or other birds and/or mammals, in preparation for the upcoming Winter.

This is part of the reason I love growing Sunflowers when I can look out in our Yard at this time of year to the beautiful colour of the saucy Bluejays.

The Sandhill Cranes were congregating before their long trip South.  Find some interesting facts about their Autumn Migratory habits, just *click* HERE.

Out in my travels  today I also came across one of our pups from last Year's Litter from Mercedes and Buddy.  Rusty loves his walks with his human Grandpa.

Even though the weather seemed a bit gloomy today, my day was brightened up a bit with a beautiful Cala Lily my friend Pari gifted me, as well as the flowering plant I had bought for myself yesterday.  Colours and Life can tend to make one feel better at times, as well as the thoughtfulness of a loving friend.

I had a big surprise around Supper time when my girlfriend, Vicki, called to tell me my son Paul was on the Kitchener News.  We turned on to the Kitchener CTV station however had just missed it.  Then my sister-in-law, Delores, sent me a text telling me also Paul  had been on TV.

Thanks to Liz, Paul's fiance, for finding it online we did get to see the news coverage.  The link to it can be found by *clicking* HERE.  It is kind of cool seeing your Son on the News.

I tried a couple of times today to get up to see my Mother, however there seemed to always be something crop up to interfere me doing so.  Hopefully on the weekend I will get in, as I need to take her in a Tim Horton's coffee and also tell her the news of my Auntie Pearlina's passing.

I also decided today I would go to the Gateway Haven's Christmas Bazaar this Tuesday coming.  Should anyone else like to also attend the information is as follows:


671 Frank Street Wiarton

Tuesday October 21 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. 

Tea Room ~ Vendors ~ White Elephant Table 

Join us for a head start on some Christmas Shopping…meet up with friends…enjoy a hot beverage and a treat in the “Tea Room”


I am going to call it a night here now, as I am feeling quite tired with it getting dark earlier and earlier not helping any, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Missing Someone I Love

Today I made Homemade Bean Soup, today I had another quick meeting, today I headed down to see one of my much loved Aunts in the Southampton Hospital .....

.... today I received a phone call message from my other much loved Aunt Gladys  when I was half way to Southampton to tell me my Aunt Pearlina had passed away at 12 noon.  I called my sister Jeanne to tell her I was going back home, I called Rob to tell him, and I then I spoke to my Aunt Gladys.

I drove down to the Lake in Sauble Beach where I let my tears flow.

My Aunt Pearlina was a very strong woman.  She was kind, she was loving, she was wonderful and has always had a special place in my heart since I was a little girl.  I can still remember years ago when my Mother and her used to clean cottages together, and when she worked out at the Saugeen Golf Course and brought me ice cream.  I have nothing but good memories about my dear Aunt Pearlina.

Aunt Pearlina was 93 1/2 years of age.  Her mind was still wonderful, however her body had been tired.  I am happy she was spared laying any longer after having the stroke on Monday.  She was very much loved by her family and friends.  I can never recall anyone saying anything bad towards my Aunt Pearlina, she was just that kind of person.

This is when a few of us met to celebrate her 92nd Birthday.  More on that HERE.

Aunt Pearlina loved Rob and I.  This is her at the Masterson Family Reunion 2013.  She seen me taking her photo & decided to stick her tongue out at me ... oh I will miss her so.

I get so terribly sad missing someone I love.  My father has been gone over 30 years now and my heart hurts over missing him.  He is so often in my thoughts.

This part of life HURTS.  Live your life to its fullest as you are able, loving the ones who are there who return your love, leaving you with no regrets when you lose someone you love.

I had been invited out for Dinner by a friend this evening.  Rob was left home with homemade 9 bean soup, which he loves by the way.

What a feast my friend had made for her, myself and another friend ...

A leg of lamb, accompanied by Waldorf Salad, Potato cakes, Harvard Beets (I had two helpings) Steamed Broccoli and Apple Betty for Dessert.  Fit for a Queen this meal had been ... and yes this Queen does love herself some Lamb !  I also received a gift of a Homemade pair of crocheted slippers.  A lovely meal with fantastic company.

It has been a long emotional day.  Arrangements for my Auntie Pearlina have been made for this Saturday.  Her wishes had been a Graveside Service, with all details found HERE.

It is after 9 pm now with me still having to take out Portia and Bandit then calling it a day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.
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