Monday, 22 September 2014

A Most Pleasant Surprise

This morning was a morning where I could have finally went back to sleep until the Sun had long risen.  This morning I could have stayed in bed until the cows had came home.  This morning I got up long before 6 am .... wish I may, wish I might, my wishes were all in dismay.

After all the Aussies had been in, out and about, with Portia more times then I care to mention,, I hit the books.  That would be the Crabby Cabbie books.  I took the time to organize July and August, with September to follow in another week's time.  At that time I will enter it all onto the books if not before, and definitely before the 15th of October when the 3rd Quarter of the Year is due.

I also had to drive over to get Rob from where he dropped his one Crabby Cabbie vehicle off as it has gone in with a mechanical issue to be looked after.  Never ending when one has a home or a vehicle(s), is it not?

After lunch I dropped down to see my Mother and take her a Tim Horton's coffee.  They had entertainment in the common room, and I had asked her why she wasn't going down to listen to the music.  She told me she doesn't care for music.  Really ? my mother not liking music? that is a first.

Life changes with time, some good some not so good, but time waits for no one as changes take place.

After visiting with Mom I next stopped down to the Wiarton Chamber offices to meet the new girl who had been hired as a JCP (Job Creation Program) for Marketing.  It was a pleasure to meet Grace, and great to now have 4 great staff members in the offices hopefully contributing to the growth of the the Wiarton Chamber and its lobbying for the town.

When I returned home Rob had left a parcel for me that had came in the mail.  I was surprised as I was not expecting a parcel, however found it to be a most pleasant surprise.  

Not too long ago a friend had posted on her Facebook page that the first 5 people to comment on her post would receive something from her within the Year.  I did this same "pay it forward" a year ago sending 5 gifts out to five different people.

A beautiful card with a note had also been enclosed from Jeanette.  Thank you again Jeanette for your thoughtfulness and careful thought in choosing something to send to me.  I do feel special to have received your package.

A journal, a camera charm, and a Survival Kit, Lord knows I need a survival kit on many an occasion.

How nice to receive something, whether it only be a kind note, in the mail unexpectedly.  Kindness goes a long way.

After Dinner Portia and I went for a 3 km walk down through Bluewater Park and way down past the Wiarton Marina.  Portia apparently loves water having the time of her life playing along the shore.  The beauty of the landscape never ceases to enthral me.

My girlfriend, Vicki, and I, are always entering in some kind of contest or another on Facebook.  The most recent one was offered by a photographer in Alabama, Starla Doud Photography.  Starla was offering a T-Shirt in support of Cancer for the person who was her 700 person to like her Facebook page.

You guessed it, I was number 700 !  Since my girlfriend, Vicki, has not just one Wiener Dog, but two, I had to gift the T-shirt to her.  She just received it in the mail from Alabama today and sent me the photos ....

.... "Wieners love Boobies too.  Vicki with her Weenie, Sam, and Weenie, Beanner.

Thanks to Starla Doud Photography for the Contest Give Away !

Tomorrow is a busy day.  A busy day calls for an early night, especially after such an eventful day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Stamp Of Approval

Sleep came easy me last night, however was broken from the time Rob arrived home at 2 am until I finally got up after 6:30 am.  Poor Rob was out the door by 7 am this morning, and running around until well after the lunch hour today.

We had decided that today Rob would go back with me over to the Sears store in Owen Sound to check out a different mattress.  It was a great day to be checking out things as the weather was drab with heavy to light rain showers all day long.  Off we went about 2 pm.

Yes the mattress I had checked out yesterday received Rob's stamp of approval today.  

The only problem we came up against was the bottom did not appear to be in stock, which is odd since it is a brand new item to the store only a couple of weeks ago.  The sales person wondered if we would take a base 3" less in height, however we have a sleigh bed which would make it look totally ridiculous with a base and mattress with no height to it.  They are to call us back tomorrow once they have looked into the situation further.  It is always something, is it not?

Out by myself yesterday I had got to browse the store a bit finding something I liked very very much.  I had the sales lady put them on hold for me until today.

I fell in love with these 3 Season boots as soon as I had set eyes on them.  The size 8 had been a little tight, so I opted for the size 9 which will give just a small bit of extra room for a heavier sock.  I scored these babies for a cool 50% off !  and they only had the one pair in my size ... almost like it was meant to be.

Want a pair? you can also order online by going HERE.  I could have gotten black, however loved the taupe as it will go with any colour I wear.

It was very late afternoon by the time we had arrived back home.

Dinner was easy with us each having a leftover cottage roll sandwich on rye bread and some cantaloupe.  Nothing much but something to hit the spot which was very yummy.

Rob is tired, I am tired, and the dogs are all quiet so they also must be tired.  It was just that kind of rainy kind of weather day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Changing Up

I believe I got more sleep last night then I have for sometime, but still laid awake most of the wee hours of the morning.  I don't bother getting up anymore (other then to the washroom) as I figure as long as I am laying there my body is resting even though my mind isn't.  

We are going to be looking at changing up our mattress that we purchased in January under the comfort satisfaction guarantee with Sears tomorrow.  I went over to Sears in Owen Sound this morning to check out the Tempur-Pedic mattress, on the referral by Chania of Razmataz.  On checking out the Preference Tempur-Pedic Mattress, that had just came in the Owen Sound store, I found it was firm however gave into the pressure points of weight when I laid on it.  I thought I was going to go through the roof last night between the pressure points in my hips and shoulders.  Rob is having the same issues with his hips.

Rob figures since he picked out the new mattress in January that I should pick out the replacement.  Still he is going back over with me tomorrow as I want him to also try it out also, just so he knows what it feels like prior to us making our last purchase, as it will be our last purchase.

Just a few highlights of an otherwise drab and quite tiring day for both myself and Rob.

Bandit was not too pleased that he was not allowed to be up with Rob on the chair last evening, however finally quit staring Rob down.

I was cold this morning.  Our house was colder then outside was later today.  

Rob got a fire going for me to take the chill out of the house and my bones.  Portia looked on experiencing her first Wood Stove fire.  Yes I am quite comfortable now, and hopefully will not have to wear a pair of socks to bed again tonight.

I am very grateful to my friend, Cathy, who had gifted me the quilt for the couch, as it seems that is where both Bandit and :Portia think they should play at times, right beside where I am sitting.  Portia has tried getting up a couple times only to been shooed right back off.

To watch both of them at times can be very amusing.

While I had been in Owen Sound I had stopped into Food Basics to pick up a nice Cabbage to go along with the Cottage Roll Rob had put in the Crock Pot after I had left.

Cottage Roll that fell apart along with new potatoes, cabbage and carrots really hit the spot for our Dinner this evening.

I was planning on going down to Hepworth this evening from 7 til 9 pm to attend the All Candidates Meeting, however my body is aching from top to bottom.  Really I think it will be best for me to get into my bed and under the blankets to try and ward off the effects of more rain that is to come.

Truly I am upset that I did not go, however I have to listen to my body at times, otherwise it can and will get worse then I will loose more then one day, more then likely end up being two days lost of doing not much of anything.

I have been quite busy the past few days and really needed a day of not doing to much at all, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Happy Birthday Mom !

Today was no different then any other day around here other then Rob was first out of bed before I was at 4:50 am, with me following shortly afterwards.  Rob had a customer who had to be in Toronto this morning, so that put them there just about the time the morning "rush hour" was at its worse.

Me?  when am I not every busy.  I have a million and one things piled up waiting for ME to attend to them.  The top of the priority is the past 2 months of bookwork to be entered onto the Crabby Cabbie books .... baaaaaah !  I could cry as here I am behind AGAIN !

No matter as much as the books are priority there wasn't something much more important.

About 10:30 am I was in the kitchen whipping up a cheese and pickle tray, along with a large plate of egg salad sandwiches, as today company was coming to celebrate our Mother's 87th Birthday.

I like having the table set before everyone arrives.  I put the trays on just 5 minutes before my brother, Allan had arrived with Mom.

Not long after Allan, and his wife, Nancy, had arrived with Mother, my sister Jeanne, and her husband, Cecil, had arrived.  Time to have a Birthday Lunch together.  Of course there was cake for Mother after lunch, with the rest of us opting for Apple Pie.

I am pretty sure Mom had a great time coming over for her Birthday Lunch.  

Unfortunately, but fortunately after he had finished eating, Rob was called back out on a call.  The rest of us had a nice visit before they all left around 2 pm.  It had been a good Birthday luncheon.

Right after everyone had arrived, a UPS truck had pulled in delivering our new leather recliner chairs.  Rob had been happy my brother had been here to give him a hand getting them upstairs.

They are most certainly a lot bigger then I had every expected.  Rob really likes his new chair.  And me I can lay right back .... wayyyyy back in them.  Being so new they are very stiff, but I am sure they will be broke in soon enough.

My friend, Judy, who lives in Port Elgin had a book she wanted to lend me, so our driver had picked it up for me today and passed it along to Rob when he had seen him today.  

Not only did I get the loan of a book, I also got a jar of Judy's Homemade Chutney.  Thanks Judy how so very thoughtful of you on both accounts ! xx

It was a pretty good all around day and the weather had been also superb.  Once can not complain about having life just so.

Rob had another call late this afternoon.  This person wasn't having such a great day.  Rob went quite a few miles to pick him up for this person to realize their pay hadn't been deposited into their bank account.  It was decided this person who was going to get a rental car in Owen Sound would be taken there anyway and trusted to pay Rob later.  Not long after Rob had returned home he received a call from this young person saying they were in Wiarton and had the money to pay for his cab fare.

Rob made someones day, and they made ours by being honest.  It is refreshing to know some people are still honourable, appreciative and honest, is it not?

I am happy Mother had a great Birthday Luncheon with 3 of her 4 children, and wish her many many more to come.

Time for this gal to hit the showers then call it a day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

These Boots Are Made For ...

Yet another sleepless night South of the Checkerboard.  If I do not get any sleep tonight I swear I am going to scream as this subject is getting rather tiring, is it not?  I think so, heavy on the "tiring".

This morning I spent picking up the chunks around here, and I mean literally picking them up.  It is an endless battle trying to be organized when one has no routine to speak of.  At least it is not to the point of embarrassment now should someone drop in unexpected, nor to have my Mother over for her Birthday lunch tomorrow.

I also put a call into Sears about our mattress we had purchased back in January.  We purchased a mattress pad from Sears so we would have the "Comfort Guarantee", meaning if you were not satisfied with the comfort of the mattress you purchased you could return it within the first year for your money back or a replacement mattress of your choice (money difference either paid or returned on the new mattress purchase).  The mattress we had chosen is way too hard for my pressure points, even after we were told it had a gel top, which I believe we had been misinformed.  I am going to need the one down from the extra firm this is for sure.

When one spends well over $1000 on a mattress, one should expect comfort.  Yes?

Not sure when Rob and I will have the time to go decide what mattress we want again, but it will have to happen within the next couple of weeks.  He thought originally the firm would be the best for his back, but now I think he has rethunk those thoughts.

This afternoon I had an appointment with our bank lady.  Our lady is going to be retiring in 2 years time, and I really will miss her.  I was hoping she would be there until our mortgage was paid off, but we will still have a couple more years for that to happen once she has already left.

Appointments last upwardly to and past a good hour.  It doesn't take long for an afternoon to go by.

Everywhere I had gone today I received compliments on ...

.... my boots.  This boots are made for walking, and walking I will do.  Truly I think I should be somewhere in New Mexico with these boots.

Ha, remember that old song by Nancy Sinatra with her Boots on?  back in 1966.

I was 7 years old when that song was released.  I can remember it being performed on the Ed Sullivan Show .... "it is going to be a really really big Shuh".  Really who didn't love the Ed Sullivan Show?

I hope and pray I get a good night's sleep tonight.  I hope and pray the side effects of these new meds pass soon.  I hope and pray for everyone's well being and good health.  I hope and pray I am the best I can be as a wife, mother, daughter, sibling and best friend.  

I am being melancholy so you can tell how really tired I am.

I hope and pray tomorrow is a new wonderful chapter in my Life once again, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Forever Passiing

Today? where do I go with my today?  I am actually so tired from laying awake most of last night I can barely recall the day now almost behind me.

What I did do was head up to see my Mom about 10 am this morning at the Nursing Home, Gateway Haven.  Friday is her 86th Birthday, and Mom loves having her Birthday Cards early as she can enjoy them before her actual birth date.  I first stopped at Tim Hortons to get Mom a coffee as she also loves Tim Hortons coffee as much as ...

.... she loves Gladiolus.  They are her most favourite flower, and my Dad used to get her a dozen of red every year for her birthday (not that I remember, however was told enough to remember).  

Mom loved her cards, loved the coffee and loved the flowers, not to mention the visit with me which I am sure she loved too.

I got back home about lunch time where two others who love me were very happy to see me too.

Both Bandit and Portia were at the top of the stairs to greet me.  Bandit gave me his "award winning" smile.  The photo of Portia? she was helping me with the laundered sheets by hopping into the laundry basket on top of them.

I had barely been home when Rob had to walk back out the door to work.  A hello good-bye all at one time.

I spent most of the afternoon, between in and out with the Aussies, mostly Portia, relaxing on the couch as my body was in too much pain and lacking energy for much else this day.

I did enjoy some of today's sunshine sitting out on the bench for awhile with my Lexus girl.  I absolutely LOVE her as she is such a stunning looking Aussie.

Rob came home with me heading out the door late afternoon, as I was off to meet my friend Abby for a light Dinner then head over to a Chamber meeting for 6 pm..  The light dinner ended up being a sandwich, bowl of soup and coffee at Tim Hortons as that was about all available on a Wednesday evening in town for something light.

The Chamber meeting ended about 8:30 with me returning home, and Rob walking down the hallway to bed.  Forever passing each other this day.

I think I will head off to bed myself and call it a day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Search For The "Checkerboard"

Another sleepless night North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard, finally getting up at 5 am to let Portia out, then Bandit, then Lexus, and finally Buddy.

To add to the early morning darkness is the fear of going out with the dogs with them coming head to head, or should I say, "head to tail" with the meeting up of a skunk.  We have been there a few times i the past, however it has always happened around 10 pm right before bedtime when already to fall into bed.  Take heed when walking out about in the dark at this time of Year, or for that matter in the Spring when the Skunks first emerge.

I was feeling poorly this morning.  About 8 pm I had to go back to lay down for about an hour just to get some energy to carry on with the day.  The hour of rest helped, and I got up to carry on with laundry and other household duties.

Portia did very well today, or maybe I did even better by having her out more often then not, as she had only one accident in the kitchen today.  Hopefully it gets to be none sooner then later.

Rob was busy and off down Country on a call today.  This left me alone to get a few things done around here.  Do you find it is easier to get things done when you are by yourself with nobody in your way or sitting around.  Something about that "other" presence that takes away the feeling of getting stuff  done.

I thought maybe some would enjoy listening to some "local" talent down county from me in Hepworth.

Pretty cute.  I had came across the video shared by a local radio station on Facebook today.

Then there was the article put out by the Wiarton Echo yesterday .... "The Search for the Checkerboard", which you may read about by *clicking* HERE.  

Truly I don't know what the big deal is since I KNOW the "Checkerboard" is due North of where I live, so that settles that mystery.  Oh yes and the Mile Inn Corner is just South around the bend from us.  Easy peasy to figure it all out.

Once I got over my first slump of the morning the day did get better with me feeling a little bit more ahead of the game then two days ago, considering I spent almost 2 hours on the phone with Apple straightening out some software issues with my iphone.

Rob and I got out for a 20 minute walk after our Dinner of leftover Turkey and garden fresh green beans.  What a lovely evening.  I hope the weatherman hold true with the week ahead staying as lovely as today was.

That is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & Definitely South of the Checkerboard.
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