Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Out With The New ...

I could not go anywhere today as our new mattress was being delivered between the times of 9 am and 7 pm.  A wide berth of time, so no sense in making plans for the day when something is being delivered or serviced.

Actually it turned out not too bad as the mattress delivery ended up being around the lunch hour, so not the whole of the day lost.

Out with the new Posterpedic and in with the newer Tempur-Pedic mattress.  

We had purchased the Sears Comfort Guarantee, which if you purchase one of their mattress pads and not satisfied with your mattress purchase in the first 365 days you may return it by either paying or being refunded the difference on the new mattress you choose.

Tonight will be the tell tale all of the new Tempur-Pedic Mattress as this one can not be returned.  You can read more about it by *clicking* HERE.  I noticed the price has gone up $400.00 since we purchased ours two weeks ago.

Mid-afternoon I was able to run downtown to do a couple of errands needing done, then the rest of the afternoon was pretty much ....

.... like this for all of us.  Another grey overcast day, you know the kind that you wish you could stay in bed all day with a good book or your head under the blankets ?

I called the Hospital just before Lunch to find out my Auntie Gladys was going home.  She must be exhausted from her hospital stay, and still not feeling well, as I haven't heard an update about how she is doing now.  I am sure she has to be doing better or they would not have released her to go back home.

I was very *sad* to hear my other Auntie, Aunt Pearlina, was also in the Hospital this week.  She has been failing physically this past Year, and I believe it has been decided she will be moved from her home into a Nursing Home facility.  She is 93 1/2 years old.  Another one of my favourite Aunts.

Today I was feeling pretty blah, with my mood quite matching the weather.  We all have such days, however some seem more difficult to shake then others.  Hopefully my blahs will leave me much sooner then later, as it is awful feeling so "blah".

I have no idea why I was feeling small, left out, and a bit angry today with a couple of things magnifying themselves more they they should have, but those feelings will pass with hopefully a better feeling day ahead of me tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Not Too Much Of Anything

Yes it has been a not too much of anything kind of a day, however it has been nothing but busy ...

A meeting at the Wiarton Chamber Office this morning.  A meeting afterwards that Rob towed me along to.  Another small get together on meeting of the minds back at the Chamber office this afternoon, and thank goodness a "cancelled" meeting for the Santa Claus Parade Committee this evening.

Truly I think I am feeling  a bit wrung out by meetings, and then some.

It has been quite a rainy drab sort of day here all day.  I did manage to get my dishes done, and bed made.  I always seem, if nothing else, to get those two household chores done.

Oh yes haven't mentioned about driving Rob back and forth to the garage twice today, had I?  thought not.

I made a brief call to the Southampton Hospital to find out my Auntie Gladys is still there, and probably until tomorrow if not longer.  For some reason her blood pressure spiked to heights that it should not have been at last night.  All was put under control, however she did not sound all the best when I spoke to her, but then again one wouldn't be in the Hospital should they be at their best, now would they.

Rob has been running around in and out most of the day.  This is not a bad thing, but does cause for some interruption the times I did manage to be at home.

Oh yes I did most of the Crabby Cabbie billing at some point today, not certain at what point but do know there is two more to bill out tomorrow morning.  Not that it is a real biggie, just one more thing that has to be taken care of ... *smile*.

A bit of excitement in a way of a gift from my friend, Diane.  Thanks Diane !!!

Lots of benefits from Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) with Diane having our Bandit in mind with his Mite / Allergy problem.  Lots of Health advantages to both our pets and ourselves.  I will be reading up on it in the book Diane has lent me, and have already started giving it to Bandit with yogurt this day.  

Warning:  Be careful of inhaling its fine powder

For more information please read by *clicking* HERE, or further research yourself on google or library books.  For more information on using for your Dog *click* HERE, or further research yourself on google or your local vet.

I will be blogging more on my own personal findings, etc as I go along either by reading or using Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) myself and/or on our Aussies.

I know tomorrow morning I need to dangle, as our new mattress is being delivered at some point tomorrow, and we need to get the other one wrapped up in plastic and out of our room.  Then I need to give the carpet a good going over underneath the bed while there is no mattress on it.  Busy, busy.

Yes indeed not too much of anything however a whole lot of something, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Damn Beavers !

I am doing great since I got at least 4 hours sleep last night.  Is that why I still have no energy and feel like going to sleep once I actually get out of bed before 6 am?  must be the reason.  Really though it has been getting better then pulling an "all nighter".  I am getting too old to pull those off, am I not?  Ha !! not always.

First stop of the day was the Wiarton Hospital.

Rob has broken his clavicle bone 4 times, and lately it has been giving him more grief then not, especially with a seat belt that pulls into it.  Off to see our Doctor who is "on shift" Mondays at the Hospital.  We were there right before he was so the wait had not been too long.  Some new meds to replace the Ibuprofen and some old ones to relax the muscles at sleep time.  Once would have been more then enough to fracture my collar bone, but Rob obviously thought 4 times was more then enough !

Little Portia is not so little anymore now that she is over 3 months old.  She is getting to be, let's say ... double the trouble.  I have to admit though today was her very 2nd day ever she did not have an accident in the house.  Good Girl, Portia !!! 

After lunch I collected my neighbour, Pari, and we headed up to another hospital this afternoon.  This time it was the Southampton Hospital where we went to visit my Auntie Gladys.  She had high levels of something to do with her Pancreas, however by today they came down to almost normal.  They will be keeping her one more day I believe, and she will be off for a scope as soon as it can be arranged.  Fingers crossed they find nothing to serious and it is something that is a "quick fix", as our family surely would be lost should we not have our Auntie Gladys at the helm keeping us all straightened out on who is who.  We can not afford to have her laid up and sick.

By the time I returned back home there had been a delivery again by UPS.  How exciting this was for me.

Today I received one package from Apple in California containing some Apple "stuff" in the way of a thermos cup, water bottle, journal and pen ... I felt very honoured to receive such nice Apple "stuff".  Thanks for the awesome Apple Customer Service by Christine at !!!

The other parcel contained a pair of Teva Orginal Sandals I had won in a contest put on by Teva a month ago on Facebook.  Thanks Teva ! my new sandals "rock" !!!

On my way back home from Southampton Rob had called me to tell me he had something to show me when I arrived back home.  

Rob loaded me up behind him on the ATV and we headed on out to the 2nd field behind out house to where he discovered a damn Beaver's dam !!!  Damn Beavers is right !  The tree we had thought came down in the last big storm?  nope it was not the storm at all.

Totally amazing what those damn Beavers can do to get a Dam made, is it not?

Needless to say the Dam those damn Beavers have made have begun to flood out our back field, and will soon be flooding out not only our front fields but our neighbour's pond.  They also have a damn built two properties up from us.  

Since our neighbour, Ed, who had owned the Farmer's Market beside us for years and years until the new owners took over last year, had always been on top of the damn Beavers and their damns there had never been a problem the 11 years we have lived here until now.  We will have to get figuring on what to do between our new Farmer's Market neighbour, Mike, and ourselves very very soon.

After Rob and I had our Dinner of leftover homemade Bean Soup, we headed out for our evening walk.

Portia and Rob bonding and doing a little schmoozing with each other.  

Rob was called out when I sat down to get started here.  I am soon going to be taking the baby Portia and the Bandit boy out before I call it a night, and Rob will take care of our Lexus girl and Buddy boy once he returns back home.

It was a lovely weather day today, with rain in the forecast tomorrow.  I could keep days like we had today forever, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

A Most Amazing Dinner

I was happy that last night I had finally gotten more sleep then I had have for weeks !  every extra minute helps with a renewed outlook on a new day ahead.

I called my Auntie this morning, as last night she had asked me how the Gall Bladder attack I had experienced had felt, as she was having awful discomfort in her right hand side..  I told her to get to the hospital to be checked out.  This morning Uncle had answered the phone letting me know they had kept her, and by this afternoon they had thought maybe a gall stone has obstructed a duct.  She will be remaining in the Hospital for a couple of days of rest, and to determine anything further that might arise.  Really it does cause much discomfort and I hope all settles much sooner then later for her.

Today I was able to get a bit of laundry done, however not too much of anything else done.  Rob got the lawn all cut, being a good thing as it is to rain tomorrow.  We also had someone stop in to check out what we need to replace a steel liner in our chimney so we can utilize our wood stove in the basement this Winter.

First thing in the morning Rob had called out to me that a Hawk was back at our field.  I ran out to the van to gather up my camera.

Fortunately I captured him before he took flight.  I wonder if it had been the same one I had seen in the Spring?

I did also get some Lily bulbs dug out of the planter to dry out before they are put in a brown paper bag to await for next Spring to arrive.  I am not quite sure what the bulbs are that I had found inside a couple of the lily's deadening blooms, if anyone could enlighten me I would so appreciate it.

Late this afternoon I had an errand to run into Owen Sound and back.  By the time I had returned home Rob had a most amazing dinner ready for us.

Steamed Cauliflower, Baked New Potato, Fresh Sliced Beefeater Tomato, and BBQ'd Pork Tenderloin grilled to perfection.  After Dinner Rob and I took ourselves, along with Portia, down to Bluewater Park for a bit of a walk.  What a lovely evening it was, never mind what a superb day!

Now we are back home it is time to put our feet up, take in a bit of TV and relax before bedtime, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Legion Dinners Are The Best !

The last two days have not been the best, however they are now past and I am starting to bounce back from probably overtaxing myself (once again) this past Thursday.  

The past two Fridays in a row I have had a terrible bout with gas and stomach pains that took my breath away both times almost sending me to the Hospital I had been in that much discomfort.  The Gall Bladder attack I had experienced hadn't even seemed as bad, and these attacks happened two weeks after having that removed.

I put it together, as both times I had eaten an apple and the time line for the attacks were approximately 4 hours after eating it.  Rob had to rush home last night as he thought he was going to be taking  me to the hospital.  It seems like for some reason my apple eating days are over, and I LOVE Gala apples eating one or at least three a day.  I do not understand how this works this way, however I will not risk going through that much discomfort a third time.

My handsome loving husband, Rob, Friday morning patiently waiting for me after we had been briefly at the Wiarton Farmer's Market.  He is indeed my Hero, and has rarely ever let me down when I have needed him.  Thanks Honey you are the best always (mostly of the time) in my eyes and heart. 

I awoke this morning with another severe headache.  I took two extra strength sinus pills, which didn't work, and two T2's and 1200 mg of ibuprofen afterwards, ending up laid out on the couch from first thing this morning until 3 pm this afternoon.  I was not having a good time.  

All that rest did me some good when I did finally get up, as after I had a coffee I was ready to head out two hours later for the Fish Fry at the Hepworth Legion.  I picked up our neighbour and was off ...

First photo is of Rob's first Cousin, Joyce, who is the Treasurer (& Chief Organizer as I see it) at the Hepworth Legion.  I absolutely love Joyce as she is always down to earth and I have always been able to talk to her very easily at most any time.  Then our party of 9 with my Brother-in-law, Cecil, Sister Jean, Cousin June, Uncle Basil, Cousin Bill, Auntie Gladys, Rob and my neighbour who had been cut out of this photo.  The Whitefish Dinner was Out of this World Delicious !  and there had been a band playing too !!!

The Legion had been packed with people there for the afternoon of music which went on until 7 pm, with many more arriving, including us, for the Fish Dinner.  The band had us all stand after the Dinner to sing Oh Canada all together.  I managed to capture my Uncle Basil who is a very dedicated Legion Member of the Port Elgin Legion.

Legion Dinners are the Best !!!

Rob had to leave before anyone, with our neighbour and I leaving shortly thereafter.

My Auntie had given me this beautiful Rose as she had said she hadn't seen me since I had my surgery.  She had also bought a Solar "Turkey" for all of us ladies who had been in our party for Dinner ... is he not cute?  Auntie Gladys you are always so thoughtful xxx.

After all of that rest I have had the past two days you would think I would be all bright eyed and busy tailed would you not?  Quite the contrary, as I am feeling still pretty sleepy with hopes I can finally get some sleep this evening.  I might have to break down and take something to help me sleep all night, as I really could use the sleep.

This past week the weather has been exceptional with hopes the week ahead will remain the same.  Lots of outside work still to be done before Winter arrives here, with hopes it all gets done.  The lawn is in dire need of being cut, so I am hoping it gets done tomorrow.

I am signing off for yet another evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Pain In The ....

I woke up with a Migraine headache this morning, and anyone who suffers with Migraines, or headaches, know what a pain in the "you know what" they are.  To the point of debilitating is exactly what they can be.

The bad news is I still have it and the good news is Rob is very understanding thank goodness.

Despite the pain, as the meds didn't barely put a dent in the pain, I still managed to get our bed stripped, washed, hung on the line and made back up fresh again.

I also picked Rob up after he had dropped off our one Crabby Cabbie vehicle to the garage, and later back to get it picked up.  The other day it had gone in to get a new alternator.  Unfortunately some times the new ones can be faulty, and this had been the case, so back it had to go today to be replaced with another new one.  Fingers crossed this one is good to go for the remaining life of the vehicle.

I have been in and out with Portia all day, and Bandit, while Rob has looked after the other two for me.  Rob also had a headache today.  Rob managed to get an afternoon nap in, whereas I almost did until the phone rang twice.  Good old Murphy's Law.  Part of the headaches I am sure is due to sinuses and allergies, as right now the pain is in the whole left side of my head from behind my eyes, in my teeth, jaw, ear and down the side of my neck, along with a sore throat.  It throbs.

Thank goodness we had leftover homemade bean soup, and lots of Beef Eater Tomatoes for sandwiches as that was what was on the Menu for today.

Tomorrow I am planning to attend a Fish Fry at the Hepworth Legion with a friend and some family members.  I am really hoping the headaches have left by then.

Tickets are available by calling ahead or at the door with information as follows:

Nothing like a good Dinner in support of a local Legion, is there?

PS.  Lori, happy your hubby had a chuckle when he seen the Crabby Cabbie vehicle at the Elmira Mennonite Thrift Store.  *smile*

On that note I believe I will give my eyes a rest by getting off my laptop and calling it a day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Shop Til You Drop

I was awake at 3 am, but made sure by the time 4:50 am rolled around, I rolled out of bed as I was up to do my Aussie duties, a coffee into me and out the door by 6:30 am.

Today I was meeting up with my friends, Abby & Liz, as we were heading on down South to meet up with friend, Vicki, to do a Shop til you Drop day at the St. Jacob's Farmer's Market and Costco.

We made very good timing meeting up with Vicki shortly after 9 am.  Then the walking began.

At the Market we pretty much checked out every Nook & Cranny, from Quilts to every fruit & veggie.  The purple heirloom peppers looked pretty cool in the arrangement of colours, yes?

There was a tasting of this and that.  I sampled some very good 3 year old white cheese that I am now kicking myself for not buying some as it was soooo good.  Next time maybe.  I did however by a huge 6 litre basket of Beefsteak Tomatoes which I must say by the sandwich I had for Dinner they are full of flavour, so no regrets there.  The price for the basket? only $5.00.

It had been around 11 am when we approached the Homemade Fritter booth.

First Liz caved, then Vicki right after her.

Abby & I were very strong resisting the very tempting fresh Apple Fritters, to have ourselves fun by finding some very heavy, very real Rye Bread.  Abby had no problem demonstrating how "heavy" it really had been.

Next stop was Borealis Grill & Bar for some lunch.  This is very close, almost across from where the Kitchener Costco is located.  Very nicely decorated inside, and all foods are mostly sourced locally.

Liz & I ordered the Fish & Chicken Tacos which came with a side of salad.  We switched up so we could each tasted one of each.  Our preference was the fish, which had been pickerel, as the chicken had been very bland.  Abby had a homemade Ravioli which she loved, and Vicki the French Onion Soup, which she had to add salt to and the fresh Beet Salad, which she did not care much for their homemade Tarragon Vinaigrette (which I enjoyed personally).

Personally I enjoyed the food I had, other then I had wished we had just chosen the fish.  Price? $17.00 with tax and I had a water.  A tad pricey for lunch but more of an upscale restaurant with a local sourced menu.  Would I go back? I think so.  Should you like to see the Menu for Borealis Restaurant, just *click* HERE.

Next stop was Costco, where we really did the Shop til you Drop by covering almost the whole store.  According to my Steps App on my iphone I did 4,428 steps today from the time I left the house until I just sat down not long ago.  Not too bad when you consider that was almost 2 1/4 miles of almost all shopping.

After dropping off the girls to back to their vehicles, I arrived back home at 6 pm.  Eleven hours of being out and about, no wonder I am tired.

You might notice I had not many photos from our day, that is because we were having way too much fun together to have time for me to be snapping photos ... *smile*.

Here is is now barely after 8 pm, and I am pretty much ready for my bed, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.
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